Your zipper’s in the background

Posted on January 8, 2016 in Blog \ News

…and that’s a good thing.  Well, better than it being down.

Agent versions 2.22 and later bring with them a few new features, the most notable of which is background job zipping.  When submitting a job, you’ll notice you don’t have to wait with the job submit window open while the entire job compresses.  We take you to the queue viewer window immediately and display that the job is “zipping”.  You are free to close that window at any time, as well as submit another job at any time.  Zipping is now handled by a 3rd thread in the agent, so it operates independently of the other agent functions and should not interfere with screen updates or data transfer.  This should come in handy when you want to submit multiple jobs in a row, since the wait time between submitting each job will now be zero seconds.  We thought about making that shorted, but time travel hasn’t been invented yet.

Also, for render applications that allow us to tile/region render, we will now display in the agent what output formats our system can tile render and stitch together.  Supported stitch-able formats will be marked with an asterisk.  You may continue to submit single frame jobs using formats that we cannot stitch, just be aware they will only render on one CPU because of that limitation.

More news coming in the next blog post.

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