X-Particles, CV-VRcam, and new V-Ray builds deployed

Posted on April 19, 2016 in Blog \ News

By popular demand, we’ve added two new Cinema 4D plug-ins to our farm:  X-Particles and CV-VRcam

We’ve actually deployed the entire suite of Cineversity plug-ins, not just CV-VRcam.  All of them are enabled in our C4D R16 and R17 instances.  Likewise, X-Particles has also been deployed in both our R16 and R17 instances.  Thanks to Insydium for working with us to get their licensing mechanism to behave on our farm.  All new C4D plug-ins should be ready to party, but we’ve performed only limited testing with them.

For fans of Chaos, we’ve updated our V-Ray builds in both Max and Maya instances to the latest public release in all cases.  That’s a minor point bump for Max and a major point bump for Maya, at least from what we used to run.

The Render App Support page of our site has been updated with version numbers so you can keep track of that for troubleshooting and compatibility purposes.

Render away!

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