Software update bomb

Posted on September 15, 2016 in Blog \ News

Yep, that’s right.  We can’t get through a TSA checkpoint with this blog post.  We just released an agent that supports the following new software builds:

  • 3D Studio Max 2017
  • Maya 2017
  • Cinema 4D R18
  • LuxRender 1.6

Please refer to the render app pages in our Support Portal for details on render engine and plug-in versions.  Initial releases are feature-bare, but we’ll be adding support for render engines and plug-ins over time as requested.  Pixel Plow Agent 2.41 and later will be the only builds that have access to the new render apps.  Windows users should have the new agent shortly, but Mac users have to download the update and drag it to their Applications folder.

Also new in this agent is the ability to redirect the output of a job to a different folder.  We’ve often had users run out of storage space mid-job, so the need to be able to put the remainder of the output elsewhere is pretty handy.  This feature even works across machines on the same account, so an agent on one machine can submit the job while another downloads the results.  Slick!  Refer to the Support Portal page that talks about output redirection for more details.

We hope you enjoy this explosive update.  Just empty your pockets of keys, loose change, and any metal objects before giving it a shot.

Render Endlessly!

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