Redshift, Arnold, Blender and other updates

Posted on August 3, 2021 in Blog \ News

As announced last week, the Redshift build deployed to the farm has been updated to 3.0.50.  Per Redshift development, scene files created with versions prior to 3.0.46 may produce unexpected visual output when rendered in that build or later.  Hence, we recommend building your scene files with 3.0.46 or later prior to submitting them to the farm.

Also updated are the Arnold builds deployed across Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D.  Please see the respective render app pages in the Support Portal for the builds deployed in each render app version.

Blender 2.9 got a refresh to the 2.93.1 build.

Houdini 18.5 was updated to the most recent production build, in order to continue to work with Redshift.

Bifrost for Maya was updated to the most recent build in Maya 2018 and up.



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