Pixel Plow announces it is joining the Adobe family

Posted on April 1, 2019 in Blog \ News

In a move to delight 17 people and anger millions, Pixel Plow is announcing the sale of its infrastructure and operation to Adobe.  Adobe is making plans to rebrand the service previously known as Pixel Plow to “Cloud Render Application Provider” or “Web-based Render Online Next Gen”, so look for CRAP or WRONG to be available in your CC subscription soon.  Current Pixel Plow users will be temporarily kicked off the service pending their assimilation into the Creative Cloud borg.  Use of the service will require installation of the new Adobe Creative Cloud Render Application Manager, or CCRAM for short.  To do this, you’ll need to run Netscape Navigator, sign in to your CC account, click on the CCRAM installer link, run the installer launcher, accept the installation of the installer launcher, run the installer launcher, accept the installation of the installer launcher, run the….hey, wait a minute.  Execute the desktop install manager app, allow the desktop install manager app to update to a newer version, run the desktop manager app updater, allow the desktop manager app updater installer to run, reformat your C: drive, and return your computer to the store.  It’s that easy.

Adobe, in a pure “me too” move, is venturing out in effort to compete with the likes of Amazon and Google for a piece of the online render farm service pie.  To align the performance of other render applications with Adobe’s own After Effects, they plan to restrict “the other guys” render applications to only 2 CPU cores.  They also plan to remove all published documentation on command line switches to run render apps, since nobody wants to use those anyway.  Lastly, they will force all render apps to exit with an 0x0 exit code no matter what happens during a render, ’cause that means it always works, right?

We, at Pixel Plow, hope you enjoyed reading the snarky bits above, but we do have some actual software updates to announce as well:

  • X-Particles 4.0642 is available in both our C4D R19 and *R20* instances (Thanks Insydium!)
  • Redshift 2.6.38 is now available in all Max, Maya, and C4D instances
  • Arnold C4DtoA is available in our C4D R18-R20 instances (CPU only)
  • Arnold MtoA is available in our Maya 2017 and 2018 instances (CPU only)
  • C4D R20 has been updated to R20.059

Have a great April 1st, no foolin’!


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