Multi-camera Maya support

Posted on February 12, 2016 in Blog \ News

We just released agent version 2.26 for both Mac and Windows.  With it, we’ve changed the job submission process to be a 2 window procedure.  The single window approach was becoming difficult to scale, and this approach usually reduces mouse clicks by 2 because the render app selection is remembered.

When you choose a Maya scene file, the agent now parses it to display all cameras defined in the scene file.  Each camera will have its own frame list field, so you can choose what camera and frame combinations you want to render.  When you submit a multi-camera Maya job, our agent will automatically create a Project Cache for you.  This is necessary so we only have to transfer the dataset once.  Each camera with a defined frame list will become its own job.  You may modify and manage each job independently after they are displayed in the queue viewer.  All job settings you define (like Power level, budget, and so on) in the job submission window will be applied to each camera-based job in our system.  The existing rules for simultaneous job execution on our farm still exist, so pay attention to the Power levels of all jobs if you want to run many of them simultaneously.  After all of the jobs have completed, you will need to remove the Project Cache if you no longer require it.  Removal of the Project Cache is not automatic.

Also relatively new is automated Corona GI handling in 3D Studio Max, Exocortex Crate for Max and Maya, and a number of other small bug fixes in the agent.

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