Hi, Octane!

Posted on September 6, 2019 in Blog \ News

Thanks to the crew at Otoy, we’re happy to announce that we have Octane deployed to Pixel Plow.  People making scenes with Octane 2018.1.3 now have another render farm service option.  The current stable agent offers you the ability to submit .orbx’s for rendering that are exported from any of the render apps that have Octane plugins.  Since .orbx’s are self-contained, the job submission process is pretty simple.  There aren’t any special job preparation requirements other than the .orbx export itself.  Simply point the agent to your .orbx, define a frame range, specify an output format, and go!

Also rolled out to the farm since the last blog post are:

  • Redshift 2.6.45 in all 3dsmax, Maya, C4D, and Houdini instances
  • Renderman 22.6 in Maya 2017+ instances
  • A variety of Arnold updates in 3dsmax, Maya, and C4D

We’re happy to have Octane available here at Pixel Plow.  It represents another large step toward being the most software-comprehensive render farm service around.  If you’re an Octane user, give it a try!

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