Arnold and Redshift updates deployed

Posted on June 29, 2018 in Blog \ News

Arnold and Redshift users take note!  Newer software builds have been deployed to the farm effective immediately.  The updates are as follows:

  • C4DtoA is updated to in our C4D R18 and R19 instances
  • MtoA is updated to in our Maya 2017 and 2018 instances
  • MaxtoA is updated to 2.0.937 in our Max 2018 instance
  • Redshift is updated to 2.5.75 in our C4D, Maya, and Max instances

It should be noted that Redshift 2.6 builds can’t be rolled out until we deploy the mandatory Nvidia driver update.  That is…a bit challenging to do here, so it will take a while.  It is on our to-do list, though.  More updates coming soon.

We hope your Summer is going well.  If you’re in the USA, don’t blow your hands off next week.  Turns out those are kind of helpful in this industry.


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