Agent 3.24 and Blender 2.8

Posted on February 8, 2019 in Blog \ News

Mac and Windows agents 3.24 have been available for a couple days now, and we’re seeing the update spread.  Most active Windows users have already been auto-updated.  Mac users have to opt-in and download, but we strongly encourage you to do so.  There were several edge case problems with released agents between the last beta and 3.24, hence the version flurry this week.  3.24 brings with it many enhancements to our communication protocol.  Throughput should be higher than ever, especially when downloading large output archives.

If you’re already running 3.24, you’ll see that Blender 2.8 is now an option.  It should be noted that all Blender 2.8 jobs go to our GPU farm at present.  Funny how the Blender CLI instances still must see a functioning openGL layer to run…even when they’re not displaying a GUI.

Anyway, feel free to give both a spin!

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