A couple quick updates

Posted on April 19, 2017 in Blog \ News

X-Particles in all of our Cinema 4D instances has been updated to 3.5.0411, per customer request.  Additionally, we rolled out E-on’s Vue 2016 R2 update.  The specific build and release number is here.

Some people have been tripped up a bit by the rollout of Arnold 5 to our C4D R18 and Maya 2017 instances.  At least in the case of C4D, we’ve had multiple users reporting success of saving their R18 scene files in R17 format and submitting them to our R17 instances if they needed Arnold 4.x.  No user reports from the Maya camp yet, though.

It is unfortunate that Autodesk/Solid Angle released Arnold 5 with backwards incompatibilities, but please understand we are not responsible for those.  After all, we don’t write their code, we just run it.  Again, we only rolled out Arnold 5 to the two newest render app versions in our deployed Cinema 4D and Maya lines, as we felt only the bleeding-edge users would be likely to want the latest Arnold builds.  We may decide to roll out Arnold 5 to older C4D and Maya builds later, but have no immediate plans to do so.  We have kept, and will continue to keep, the application versions posted in our Support Portal.  They’re all sorted by the base render application, so search for the render app name and “version” if you want to find those pages.

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