Update dogpile

Posted on January 20, 2017 in Blog \ News

We just finished rolling out several software updates to the farm.  Respective render app version pages are all updated to reflect the build/update/service pack numbers.  Autodesk users will notice we’re now running 3D Studio Max SP4 in both our 2015 and 2016 builds.  As well, Max 2017 has been updated to 2017.1.  Maya 2017 gets an update to “Update 2”.  Don’t you love the naming scheme?  We’re still waiting for SP5.3.2890 build 19 update 2.  That would be the ultimate naming collision.

On to the land of Maxon…

Lots of changes in C4D builds as well.  Notably:

  • R18 upgraded to R18.039
  • R17 upgraded to R17.055
  • VrayforC4D 3.4 rolled out to our R18 instances
  • Cycles4D 1.0.0163 rolled out to our R18 instances  ***edit- had to be removed due to problems with the plugin***

It is also worth noting that little to no testing has been done against the two new render engines available in Cinema 4D R18, those being VrayforC4D and Cycles4D.  We’ll work out the kinks as we encounter them.  If you’re a Cycles4D user, keep in mind we’re still a CPU-only farm…for now… (moohaahaaahaaaaa)

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