Terragen and Redshift updates pre-Siggraph

Posted on August 10, 2018 in Blog \ News

While we’ve been busy getting ready for Siggraph, we did finally have enough time to throw at rolling out the latest Nvidia drivers to our GPU farm.  This enabled us to update our Redshift build to the 2.6 series, so we’re running 2.6.19 in all Cinema 4D, Max, and Maya instances.

Also updated are the Terragen builds for both 4.x and Alpha.  Selecting the Terragen 4 option will send your job to version 4.1.25 now.  Contact us if you use the Alpha build and wish to know which version is deployed.

We hope to see you at Siggraph next week.  Our CEO/janitor, lead developer, and agent developer will all be there, so drop by to shake some hands and say hi!

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