Summer update catch-up

Posted on June 20, 2017 in Blog \ News

Give me a burger, ’cause I’ve got some catch-up!

It was surprising to us that it’s been almost two months since we rolled out a publicly-available software update to the farm.  We’ve been spending our time on internal improvements and getting the GPU farm to the point where it can be usable.  There have been several released updates to the software packages we have deployed, however, so we took some time today to roll them out.  The update list includes:

  • Latest public builds for V-Ray in all Max and Maya instances
  • Latest Arnold builds for Maya 2017 and Cinema 4D R18
  • Greyscalegorilla’s Signal 1.5 in all C4D instances
  • Maxwell 4.1
  • Latest public Vue 2016 release
  • Updates to Max, Maya, and Cinema 4D base applications

There are other plugins and updates deployed in addition to the above, and the relevant Support Portal pages have been updated to reflect appropriate version numbers.  Enjoy with your favorite condiments.

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