Redshift and other sundry updates

Posted on March 28, 2018 in Blog \ News

After a bit of a rocky start, we’ve updated our GPU farm to Redshift 2.5.62 in all supported base apps.  Thanks to the Redshift devs for testing and finding a bug in 2.5.63 when used with Turbulence FD.

Max 2016 and 2018 have all available Autodesk updates now deployed.  Maya 2017 and 2018 are both up-to-date as well.

The C4D-specific version of RealFlow has been updated to  Two older plugins were updated for newer render app builds as well.  SplineMesher 1.2 was deployed in Max 2018, and Reeper 2.03 was deployed in all C4D instances.



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