Octane 2019 and C4D R21 available in beta agent 3.50

Posted on December 18, 2019 in Blog \ News

Before you C4D users get too excited, please note that our R21 instances are pretty barren of plugin and render engine support at present.  Head over to the usual page to see what is deployed.

Thanks to the crew at Otoy, we have a functioning build of Octane 2019 deployed on the farm.  Agent versions 3.50 and later offer it as an option when you submit jobs.  Agent 3.50 is a beta, so click on the download button in the News section on the Home tab of the agent to install it on your machine.

Cinema 4D R21 is the first render app to get the new Arnold 6 deployed.  At present, all of the jobs using Arnold in R21 will still be directed to the CPU farm.  There is, presently, no support for Redshift in our R21 instances due to a yet-to-be-solved bug with that particular combination of software versions.  Support teams have been working on that for literally weeks now, after our multiple month long push to upgrade the farm to Win10 just so we could support R21 in the first place.  We were hoping to support Redshift in R21 for initial launch, but bug resolution doesn’t appear to be imminent, so we’ve gone ahead with R21 sans Redshift for now.

Agent 3.50 has a few small, internal fixes in it related to data transfer.  We’ve seen a couple of odd occasions of Windows machines locking files open that only the agent should have open, so we’re trying to handle that more gracefully.  The fixes are minor, but given we haven’t widely tested them coupled with R21 being feature incomplete, we decided to release this agent as a beta.  Let us know if you have issues with it.

Merry Christmas!


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