New Support Portal, new agent, and a few email tweaks

Posted on April 27, 2016 in Blog \ News

We just rolled out a new (searchable…!!!) Support Portal on our site today.  We know we had some cross-pollination of information between the pages the portal replaces, so we combined that information into one spot and made it searchable.  Hopefully this will cut down on how lost you feel when looking for information on our site.  We really do want you to find the information you’re looking for here, so we’re always trying to improve our information delivery methods.

Also released today is agent 2.34.  It has a few internal bug fixes and enhancements to the network transport layer.

Finally, you may have noticed some tweaks to our alert and informational emails.  We put the error log excerpts inline with the email body text instead of adding it as an attachment now.  The Mac Mail client simply refused to display the .txt attachments no matter what we did.  It’s just broken.  Now, it can’t get in the way.

Our system will now alert you by email if you submitted a single frame job that it didn’t tile split.  We routinely get questions from people who have submitted single frame jobs without understanding the limitations of tile/strip rendering.  We hope this will alert users to this situation immediately after the job starts rendering, as well as point those users to the information in our Support Portal that explains why our system made the choice it did.

Last in the email updates from our system, if you have a long-running job in our queue at a low-ish Power level, our system will now advise you on other Power level choices along with estimated costs and completion times.  Many people have been afraid to change the Power level for fear of what it will do to costs, but this simple email will demonstrate the Power/cost/time relationship at a glance.  No action is required from this informational email, as it merely serves to educate you on what your options are without you having to risk the changes and seeing what happens.  Of course, should you wish to take action, you’re better armed to make an intelligent decision.

We hope you enjoy all of these enhancements and improvements.

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