New agent and Xgen handling improvements

Posted on May 20, 2016 in Blog \ News

We released Windows and Mac agents versioned 2.36 today.  The primary improvement is pestering you with fewer questions for Blender jobs (thanks to our recent addition of an analysis pass for Blender scene files).  Also new on the farm side is more automation for Xgen users.  You no longer need to use our Project Cache feature to upload your job, fix the pathing in .xgen files, and then submit your scene file.  Now, our digital minions do that work for you.

This means you can safely submit a Maya scene file that uses Xgen elements without having to perform any special prep steps for successful Xgen handling.  The only caveat is that your .xgen files need to reside in the same folder as your scene file.  This should be the /scenes subdirectory in your project root directory…if you’re adhering to Maya’s default folder layout like we recommend.

We’ve updated the Xgen article in our Support Portal to reflect the new (lack of) procedures.  Hopefully this saves all you Xgen users some time and sanity.

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