Why do you charge a card validation fee?

In short, too many dishonest people have ruined that party for everyone.

In depth, we began to have a large number of people who would sign up with our service and immediately log in and change their credit card details to something fictitious.  Then, they’d run large render jobs.  We were left high and dry, with no valid credit card to charge for their massive jobs.  We have a list of these thieves in case you’re wondering.

We had no other choice but to treat changing credit card details in the same way as new signups.  Our system now charges $10 when you change your credit card on file in order to validate what you’ve entered is usable.  If the charge succeeds, the new card details are stored.  If the charge fails, no card details are modified.

Also when the charge succeeds, the $10 amount charged is added back to your account as a credit…just like when you signed up.  The credit will automatically apply to future render job invoices until it’s gone.

We really don’t want to take more money from you than absolutely necessary.  It just turns out that this is absolutely necessary if we’re interested in staying in business.

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