What does the “Show Logs” option in the Job Status window do?

Using the “Show Logs” option is a great way to do some basic troubleshooting when you encounter errors.  In short, this gives you the ability to look at a few of the render app log files that were generated by your render job.

By default, when there haven’t been any slice errors yet, the Show Logs option returns up to 3 random render app slice logs.  This should not be confused with the number of nodes/CPU’s/GPU’s that are working on your job, as the two aren’t connected.  Slice logs returned are always from frames/tiles that are in-process, unless there are fewer than 3 in-process job slices left.  In the latter case, all of the in-process logs are displayed along with 1 or more completed slice logs.

If your job encounters any slice errors, the agent will try to display all of the slice error logs.  We do this so you can see if there are similarities between the log files to aid you in troubleshooting.  We encourage you to look at the bottom of the error logs, as the problems that caused the render to stop are typically in the last few noted log lines.  Lines with the words “warning” or “error” are of particular note, as they usually tell you exactly what to look for.


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