What applications does Pixel Plow support?

All deployed software on our farm is listed here in the support portal, sorted by render application.  Search by any keyword(s) or name(s) using the bar above to see all versions, render engines, and plugins available for those render applications.

It is important to note that Pixel Plow does not provide “support” for the render applications themselves.  This means you must understand your render application and how it works.  Our staff has only limited expertise in each render application, so their support is generally confined to troubleshooting our software, platform, and service.  If we can help you out, of course we’ll share our knowledge.  We simply don’t want you to have expectations on us that we are unable to meet.  There are many, many resources available online, both from the render application developers and elsewhere, to aid you in learning more about the render applications you use.

We’re always looking to deploy applications, engines, and plug-ins that our customers want, so please let us know if you’d like us to deploy something not already deployed. Our ultimate goal is to deploy the most applications, rendering engines, and plugins of any render farm on the planet.

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