Softimage job submission overview

Our agent works with the traditional Softimage project folder structure to gather up the scene file and other external files that are present in the project directory.  When prompted by our agent to select your scene file, our software will compress and upload the entire contents of the project directory, not just the contents of the scene file folder.  When the job arrives on our farm, we will modify paths in the .scntoc file for all external resources to point to the directory on our system where your Project has been extracted.  This helps to insure that Softimage can find those external assets at render time.  In short, stick to the Softimage default directory structure for projects, and you can’t go wrong.

Scene files created and saved by the Student version of Softimage can not be rendered by our commercially-licensed versions.  Open and save such scene files in a commercially-licensed instance of Softimage before submitting them.

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