Multiple camera render jobs in Maya

If your scene contains multiple cameras, our agent will detect this and present a frame list for each camera in the job submission window when submitting the job.  If you define a framelist for 2 or more cameras, the agent will automatically create a new Project Cache when the job is submitted.  This is necessary because each camera will become its own job in our queue, but we only need to upload the job dataset once.  The cache is uploaded first, and upon completion, each camera-based job will upload and be added to the queue.  Camera jobs are managed like any other job in the queue.  Each camera job will inherit the settings you define in the job submit window (like budget, output folder, and so on), but can be separately managed in the queue viewer after the jobs begin uploading.

Simultaneous job execution is still governed by the Power settings of the jobs you have in the queue, so pay attention to that if you want multiple camera jobs rendering simultaneously.  When all of the camera-based jobs are done, you may remove the Project Cache.  You are not required to remove the Project Cache, as it can be re-used if you need to render that scene file again, but please note that Project Cache’s are not removed automatically until they have been unused for at least 30 days.  You are responsible for the charges incurred by use of the Project Cache function until it is removed, whether manually or automatically.

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