Maya job submission overview

Maya scene files must be in .ma (ASCII) format so our software can parse the scene details easily.  It is always important to use relative pathing for any resources needed for the render that exist outside of the scene file.  These external resources should always be located in your project folder structure.  While we do not currently try to correct your scene file for you, our software will scan for linked assets within the scene file that exist on your local system.  If assets are found using absolute pathing, our software will produce a list of the full asset paths in a warning window reminding you to use relative pathing within the scene file.  You have the option of cancelling the submission at that point and fixing your scene file or proceeding with the submission regardless.

Our agent attempts to detect if your scene file resides in a project-style folder directory (scene files in a ./scenes folder within the project root) by looking for the existence of workspace.mel in the project folder root.  If found, our agent will compress and upload the entire project folder and submit the selected scene file to Maya appropriately.  Scene files may be up to 3 levels deep in the project folder directory tree, like ./scenes/day1/shots4-6/  Uploading scenes that follow the project folder structure is not mandatory, but that structure will make it easier for you to manage the external assets of your scene file and point to them using relative pathing.

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