Large account requirements

By default, you’ve probably already seen that we presently accept only credit cards as the sole form of payment for online signups.  There are situations, however, where that is not desirable.  Any animation house with large projects in need of rendering may end up with invoice charges that are greater than can be reasonably absorbed by their credit cards in a day.  Some larger businesses wish to pay on terms through their accounting department.

Fortunately, we have provisions to handle such situations.  If you feel your business needs fit examples like the above, please review the following requirements we have for maintaining a large account:

  • Customers must maintain a $1,000 credit balance on their account while it is active
  • Customers must open their account with a $2,000 minimum deposit
  • Invoices created on customer account draw from the credit available on a 24 hour cycle, just like the billing cycle for credit card customers
  • Customers may add credit to their account via check, wire transfer, or credit card
  • Customers whose credit balance drops below $1,000 will have their accounts suspended
  • Customers whose credit balance goes into negative numbers will be charged an additional, non-refundable, and non-credited $100 account re-activation charge.

Since our customer base is world-wide, we are not capable of employing collections services in every country.  This is why we have account balance requirements.  It provides a small protection buffer between us and customers who run massive render jobs.  Of course, should you wish to close your large account, we will return any unused credit balance to you upon request.

We hope our customers can appreciate and respect that granting access to the compute resources of Pixel Plow without a committed form of payment is a privilege.  It should be treated as such.

Contact us via the means on our Contact page if you wish to open a large account.

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