I don’t like billing surprises, how can you help me?

For starters, we don’t require any deposit up front other than the $10 signup fee solely needed to validate your credit card information. Since we collect payment automatically after a job is completed or cancelled, we realize some people are worried about their job creating an undesirably large invoice.

…so we built the budget feature.

For each and every job, you may assign a unique budget amount. Our software will then begin rendering your job normally, but keep track of the cost consumed automatically. When and if your job exceeds your budget, we suspend the job and immediately notify you.  This suspension is a “soft suspend”, whereby we allow in-process frames or tiles to continue to completion but prevent new frames or tiles from going out to the farm.  Our software continues to re-check against the budget after the completion of every frame/tile, updating the cost estimate at the same time.  Budget suspended jobs may be immediately resumed by the user removing the budget.  Budget suspended jobs that are cancelled will be charged their budgeted amount.

Don’t worry, we’ve got your back.

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