Agent operation behind a proxy server

Agent versions 3.17 and later have built-in support for operation through a proxy server.  Proxy servers are often utilized on larger corporate networks, as they allow for centralized authentication, monitoring, and control.  If the agent is unable to connect to our farm directly, and you think your network uses a proxy server, you will need the following information:

  • Proxy server address
  • Proxy server port
  • Proxy server user name and password, if utilized in your organization

The agent will prompt for this information when it is first launched, and it will store the information entered for future use.  If your proxy does not require a user name and password, simply leave those fields blank.

Due to the complexity and performance needs of the agent protocol, it uses a proprietary communication method.  This method is not HTTP in nature, so HTTP proxy servers can not be used.  The agent requires SOCKS 5 proxy servers to be able to operate in a proxied environment.


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