Hold that thought

Posted on October 12, 2016 in Blog \ News

We just released agent version 2.44 on both the Windows and Mac platforms.  This agent adds the ability to hold/unhold individual jobs in the queue viewer window.  On rare occasion, it is helpful to our troubleshooting process for a user to submit a job normally, and then “hold” it so we can inspect application logs, their scene file, or other bits.  The 2.44 agent now gives you and us that ability.  In the case of this feature, “holding” is synonymous with “suspend”, “pause”, and “hey, wait a minute”.  “Unhold” is synonymous with “resume”, “continue”, and “go ahead, make my day”.

Jobs can be “held” during the upload, rendering, and downloading phases.  Held jobs are indicated by the presence of an asterisk in the Hold column of the queue viewer window.  You may hold and unhold any job that is displayed in your queue viewer.

Render Endlessly…unless you hold the job.

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