Greyscalegorilla and Pixel Plow partner

Posted on October 7, 2016 in Blog \ News

No monkey business here!  Pixel Plow is proud to announce we are now a Greyscalegorilla Certified Partner.



We’ve worked with the crew at GSG behind the scenes since Siggraph to roll out support for all of their plugins on our farm.  We both feel our business ideals are in alignment, and look forward to co-serving the needs of the computer animation industry.

You can head over there to see what they have to say.  Of course, you should check out all their useful plugins and wonderful tutorials as well.  They are constantly outputting some great learning videos, tips, and tricks…even about software that isn’t from them.  Do yourself a favor and subscribe to their Youtube channel, follow them on Twitter, or do whatever tickles your social media fancy.

Of course, we welcome all of you who find out about us via our partnership with Greyscalegorilla.  It’s great to have you with us.

Render Endlessly! 

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