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Posted on May 11, 2015 in Blog \ News


Agent version 1.88 just released with a variety of smarter features.  We now detect the Maya project-style directory structure so we can not only upload data more intelligently, but also submit those jobs equally intelligently.  If you hadn’t already noticed, we’re doing more detection and handling of 3D Studio Max jobs as well, with GI pre-passes being run automatically.

We have a number of smaller, more general, fixes in the agent surrounding communication and data transfer protocols.  For example, if you run out of space on your destination folder, we suspend delivery of rendered results until you free up space or the output folder becomes available again.  At that point, we automatically resume delivery of rendered results.

We have also made the agent more directly aware of our multiple farm-side Internet connections.  If the Internet routes between you and our primary connection go awry, the agent will automatically failover to our secondary connection.  No need for you to change, no hassle, no taking your shoe off to give us a jingle…just business as usual.  All part of our master plan to make the Pixel Plow rendering service as automated and simple-to-use as possible.  We hope you both realize and appreciate the improvements.

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