Beta agent 3.13 with a bit ‘o magic

Posted on July 11, 2018 in Blog \ News

Over the weekend, we released a beta agent to our customers.  Agent 3.13 has a few new options in it.

For starters, we have a settings menu.  Yea!  This currently exposes a few things you could control via modifying the agent .ini file, but that was cumbersome and relatively hidden.  It’s much easier to control those options now, as you can see what they are.  More options will be added to that list over time.

This agent is also the first to have in-app notifications.  This gives you the ability to be notified in real-time when jobs complete or there are exceptions encountered, without having to wait for email.  We don’t yet have notifications for every conceivable job state, but will be adding to the existing list over time if we feel the notifications would be relevant and not annoying.

Last, but not least, agent 3.13 has initial support for rendering Houdini scene files!  Deployed versions and job prep directions here:

Houdini Deployed Versions and Plugins

Houdini Job Submission Overview

Given this is a beta agent, you should expect the usual caveats to apply.  We’ll be updating the Houdini job submission overview page as we encounter users who find new ways of breaking things.  In our tests, though, it’s worked well.  Time for you to give it a shot.

Go to the Home tab of your existing agent to see links to download the beta.  Enjoy!


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