Arnold, Redshift, agent, and Houdini updates

Posted on April 19, 2021 in Blog \ News

Happy Monday to all you motion graphics aficionados!

If you’ve watched our deployed software pages like a hawk, you’d have seen that we rolled out newer builds of Arnold and Redshift last week.  The Redshift updates were delayed because they required another driver update to be deployed first, but that has been done.  We’re told that ACES configurations in Redshift using relative pathing to point to the config.ocio file now work, so that should be a welcome addition for those that have been requesting it.

Also new to the farm is Houdini 18.5.  Please note that older versions of Houdini are now no longer available.

Agent version 3.71 was released last Friday for both Mac and Windows platforms.  With it comes the ability to view the render app logs during analysis passes, the prevention of enabling Auto-Power after submit for jobs rendering in sequential order, faster UI updates during heavy uploads or downloads, and more.  The agent should self-update on systems that are not preventing it due to permissions restrictions.


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